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  • 29 2018-06

    DC power outlet using the skill is a lot of friends ask, how can we can extend the service life, how to protect the DC power outlet, from the below we introduce to you a few points, can be a good solution to this problem. The use of DC powe...

  • 29 2018-06

    Today we will solve some technical problems for you, the welding of electronic touch switches and the adjustment of shrapnel. The following is a detailed introduction. It is divided into several steps, the light touch switch hand welding: t...

  • 26 2018-06

    DC DC socket is the application and description needs to give you a brief introduction, want to buy DC DC socket first from these details to begin to understand, what do we need to understand? Lets give you a brief introduction. With the ra...

  • 26 2018-06

    When I use the touch delay switch when the failure of the first do not worry, according to the method we introduce to the friends, to a simple operation can, how to do the specific operation? Lets give you a detailed introduction. Maintenan...

  • 25 2018-06

    About 12V DC socket maintenance method, Dong Kun still has to say, the specific attention details are introduced below. 12V DC socket 12V DC socket is widely used in our daily life, but it is unavoidable to meet the problems of 12V DC socke...

  • 25 2018-06

    In the choice of no sound and light touch switch to understand the production process of this brand, see enough not rigorous enough, quality is not passed, today to introduce the production process of East Kun. The production of silent ligh...

  • 23 2018-06

    What is the definition of DC socket? What kind of socket is DC socket? Today we will introduce to you in detail, please let us know. DC socket looks like a very remote word, but its just because we dont usually call it that way. As a specia...

  • 23 2018-06

    In electrical appliances, there are a lot of light touch switches which are produced by our company. Some problems often appear in light touch switch on the side. We give us a detailed introduction. One of the most common accessories in lif...

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