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  • 03 2018-07

    Today, I will introduce several types of DC socket plugs for you. We can choose which type of DC socket plugs to choose according to their contents. The electrical appliances we usually see need to be connected to the DC socket line through...

  • 03 2018-07

    The national standard light touch switch is everywhere in life, and many problems are used, so it is very important to pay attention to the common problems. What are the specific aspects to pay attention to? Lets give you a brief introducti...

  • 02 2018-07

    If the DC socket is dirty, it can be cleaned up, and the specific DC outlet cleaning method is still to be studied to avoid the wrong cleaning of the DC socket which can not be used normally. General headphones have broken, murmurs, or woof...

  • 02 2018-07

    High quality light touch switch is not so easy to select, it is necessary for me to have professional knowledge, so as to select the high quality light touch switch, the specific operation method in the following details for you. In order t...

  • 30 2018-06

    Today we will explain to you a kind of DC011 socket which is often used. This socket has a lot of less understanding of the specific parameters and wiring methods. Today we introduce it to everyone. I hope you like this method. The DC socke...

  • 30 2018-06

    Self locking light touch switch is a kind of switch, which is not suitable for us to use. What are the principles of his application, which needs to be introduced in detail. Recently, we have received the customers self locking light touch...

  • 29 2018-06

    DC power outlet using the skill is a lot of friends ask, how can we can extend the service life, how to protect the DC power outlet, from the below we introduce to you a few points, can be a good solution to this problem. The use of DC powe...

  • 29 2018-06

    Today we will solve some technical problems for you, the welding of electronic touch switches and the adjustment of shrapnel. The following is a detailed introduction. It is divided into several steps, the light touch switch hand welding: t...

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