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Details of faults affecting the use of tap switch

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What are the faults that affect the use of the tap switch and what are the specific details? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
As a result, some oxidation corrosion reactions will be formed. Once the shrapnel is corroded, it will lead to poor contact of the switch or failure of the switch.
Fault 1
Secondly, during the use of the tap switch, please pay attention to the daily waterproof measures of the switch. Generally, if the switch is installed and used in some humid environment,
The interface of the switch can easily lead to the invasion of water gas. Once the line contacts with water gas, the current leakage will occur,
If the human body touches it carelessly, it will cause safety problems of the circuit.
Fault two
It is forbidden to touch the button of the switch frequently and excessively. In case the cover of the button of the switch falls off, some lines inside the switch will be exposed,
If it is accidentally touched, it may cause electric shock accidents on the spot. So we should pay attention to this,
At the same time, when the switch is unnecessary, try not to over press the key switch. Every time you press the key, the switch will be worn.
Fault three
As for the common failure of keys by touching the switch, it is generally possible that the switch has been used for a long time, and its internal shrapnel has been oxidized and corroded,
Only after that, it will cause poor contact, which will cause the failure of the switch key. Therefore, to deal with this failure, it is generally necessary to disassemble the switch,
Then the oxidized part of the shrapnel for checking its switch shall be scraped clean. If the shrapnel is seriously corroded, it is only recommended to replace the switch.
Fault four
For the light touch switch, there will be some delay of key sensing, which is also possible that there are too many dust and sundries adsorbed inside the switch,
So as to cover the conductive contact of the switch wiring, thus blocking the connection of the circuit, so the post will cause the problem of the inductive delay of the switch.
Therefore, after using the switch for a period of time, it is necessary to carry out the safety inspection of the switch. If it is found that there is too much dust and sundries adsorbed,
Be sure to deal with it in time to avoid affecting the performance of the switch. Thirty-eight point two zero
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