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What is the test method of tapping the switch

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How to test the light touch switch when it is used, and what is the specific test method? Let's introduce it to you.
Tap the switch, that is, press the button to make the circuit on or off. It has different types of switches, such as waterproof switch, light switch and so on.
Waterproof touch switch is a switch that can be immersed in water or rain without failure, and can completely protect the dust in the air.
Water proof tap switch spray water test environment
Sprinkler type water spraying test equipment: hand-held water spraying and splashing test device
Time: calculated according to the surface area of the shell of the tested sample, 1min / m2, at least 5min.
Placement: make the parallel distance from the top of the test to the spray nozzle of the hand-held nozzle between 300 mm and 500 mm;
Conditions: the baffle with balance weight shall be installed during the test, and the water flow shall be 10L / min;
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