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Composition and application of waterproof switch

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What is the composition and specific use of waterproof switch? Now I will give you a detailed introduction in this respect.
The waterproof switch consists of the following parts:
1. iron shell
2. plastic
3. terminals
4. base plate
5. code
6. wave beads
7. catapult
8. red oil
Product Description:
Application range of waterproof switch:
1) Audio and video products: MP3, MP4;
2) Digital products: digital camera, digital camera, etc. The contact terminal of earphone socket adopts elastic structure design to ensure good and stable contact and service life. Waterproof switch can bring a lot of safety to many users in the bathroom, kitchen and other wet places. At present, there are many kinds of waterproof switches on the market. The remote potentiometer has three leading out terminals, and the resistance value can be adjusted according to a certain change rule. The potentiometer is usually composed of a resistor body and a movable brush. When the brush moves along the resistance body, the resistance value or voltage which has a certain relationship with the displacement is obtained at the output end.
3) Communication products: mobile phone, car phone, telephone, construction equipment, PDA, etc. (2);
4) Safety products: visual intercom, monitoring, etc.
5) Toys: electronic toys;
6) Computer products: cameras, etc;
7) Fitness equipment: electronic body fat scale, treadmill, etc.
8) Medical equipment: sphygmomanometer, thermometer, hospital call system.
Selection of copper sheet for waterproof switch:
1. The copper strip is thick, which improves the current passing ability and reduces the resistance of the copper strip itself;
2. Strong toughness, especially waterproof switch socket, not easy to deform. Even if the waterproof switch is used for a long time, the proper clamping force can be maintained, so that the plug sleeve is tightly connected with the plug and the arc is reduced. Small waterproof switch.
3. It can resist oxidation and rust, reduce problems caused by corrosion and increase heat resistance.
4. Less riveting, preferably a whole piece of copper, further reducing the fracture of the riveted part and the heat of the rivet.
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