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Pay attention to the details when operating the toggle switch

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When using the operation toggle switch, we need to pay attention to the details. For details, we will give you a detailed introduction below.
It is often used in daily life and operation, because there are many kinds of light touch switch standards and different application occasions. If you don't know the basic knowledge of touch switch, it will lead to switch failure in the application process, and the whole equipment circuit can't work normally. In view of this situation, Chenxin electronics, the light touch switch manufacturer, summarizes the details of using light touch switch in daily life to share with users.
In the process of the device, when the welding joint of the switch is not completely cooled, do not touch or shake the contact position lightly, otherwise it may cause the switch to loosen. Deformation. In the case of welding switch, do not use high concentration of water-soluble flux, otherwise, when the temperature is too high, water-soluble flux oxidation substances will have a certain corrosion effect on the switch.
The waterproof grade of common switch is ip6.7. However, the larger the two numbers after the IP, the more
Waterproof ability is bigger, but more expensive. Therefore, when purchasing the switch, please use the switch to purchase the corresponding waterproof level according to the requirements of the practical application scenario.
Prevent frequent pressing of the switch, so as not to cause the fault of circuit components detected by the circuit breaker, or the fault of some switch buttons. In addition, each time the button switch is activated, a certain current will be activated, so frequent deselection of the switch will also lead to unnecessary energy consumption.
Please pay attention not to scratch the switch cover on the switch device cable, otherwise the exposed part of the iron core is very simple to penetrate some water and gas, so it is very simple to form a line leakage or short circuit. Once the switch is touched, there will be a risk of electric shock. When using the tap switch, pay attention to whether the current load of the switch is satisfied with the equipment requirements, because the current load of each switch in different standards can vary greatly. If the operation voltage and current of some electrical appliances do not match the selected switching power supply, the circuit overload will simply occur. When the current operation temperature is too high, the operation current will be burned directly.
A tap switch is a switch that requires manual operation of the button. The operation of the switch only needs to press the switch button, so that the internal metal shrapnel is forced to bounce to perform the function of the switch, so the switch is replaced every time. The force of the button is not enough to press the button with too much force, otherwise the force of the button will damage the inductive shrapnel in the tap switch.
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