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Problems in using toggle switch

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In our life, there are many places to use the toggle switch, especially in the electrical appliances. There are some places we need to pay attention to. For the specific details, we will give you a detailed introduction below.
In our life, most electrical appliances, such as audio equipment, electric toys and so on, will use toggle switches. The function of toggle switch is to open and disconnect the circuit by applying different forces on the switch handle. It is easy to use and widely used. With the continuous development of science, the main types of switches at present are two, three, four, reset and other functional switches. Switch can be selected according to different needs. In addition, no matter which kind of gear has the characteristics of flexible slider movement and stable and reliable performance, it is also widely used in digital products, instruments and equipment, fax machines, medical equipment, electric toys and other electronic products.
When using the switch, pay attention to the following points:
1. When welding the terminal, the load can be applied to the terminal, resulting in the loosening, deformation and reduction of electrical characteristics of the terminal according to different conditions.
2. Avoid using water-soluble flux during welding, because it may cause switch corrosion.
3. Please set the welding conditions according to the actual batch production conditions.
4. When soldering twice, please restore the first solder to normal temperature before proceeding. Continuous heating can make the outer circumference deformed, the end face loose, falling off and the electrical characteristics reduced.
5. Please do not let the flux flow around the printed circuit board to the switch.
6. After installing the switch, in order to make the binder of other parts harden, please contact us when passing the regenerative hardening furnace.
7. When using non recommended through-hole PCB and PCB, please confirm the welding conditions in advance due to the change of thermal stress.
8. Adopt pin type, please weld at the pin position. If the midpoint of the retaining pin is welded, the pin mechanism may deform.
9. You can't clean it. When the terminal is welded, the load can be applied to the terminal, which will lead to looseness, deformation and reduction of electrical characteristics according to different conditions.
The above is about the use of toggle switch needs attention.
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