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How to deal with the blocking of DC socket

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When DC socket is in use, it is blocked by sound hole. What are the specific problems? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
In our daily life, I believe that many people will come into contact with different kinds of plugs every day, including mobile phone plug, headphone plug, power plug, audio and video plug, DC plug, etc. do we have enough understanding of DC plug? What are the components of DC plug structure? What is the connection between DC plug and DC plug? How is the group of DC plug Yes.
Although we often use DC plug and socket in our life, we lack enough understanding of it. DC plug is used in household appliances: TV, induction cooker, rice cooker, electric fan, computer and other products, so its corresponding DC socket is composed of directional keyway, fork contact shrapnel, insulating base, longitudinal socket, transverse socket, and two fork types of DC socket The contact shrapnel is positioned at the center of the base, arranged vertically and horizontally and not connected with each other. One end of the fork contact shrapnel is a wiring port, which is exposed on the top surface of the base cylinder for connecting the input power cord or flexible cable. The other end of the fork contact shrapnel of the DC socket is composed of two elastic arms interconnected by the base.
The components of DC socket shall have enough elasticity, and the pin shall have enough contact pressure to ensure that the DC plug can be inserted stably and firmly. The socket insert shall also be corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, so as to ensure that the contact between the DC plug and the socket is good. At the same time, the pin to lock the plug shall not rotate, otherwise unsafe factors and insertion performance will be affected. The flexible wire fixing device of the converter shall be able to Withstand the normal tension and torsion, in order to prevent electric shock accident, DC plug and socket shall be basically tight between the plugging surfaces when plugging.
In view of the above general knowledge between DC plug and DC socket, we know how to use the product correctly to prevent all accidents.
If the shell is damaged, you can take apart the earphone shell, wash it with alcohol, dry it and glue it with 502 glue, and then install it after the glue is completely dry. Some people will stick it with 502 glue when the earphone shell is easy to fall off. In fact, this method is not advisable, because, firstly, 502 glue has strong permeability, and it is easy to flow into the earphone unit to damage it, secondly, 502 glue is too strong, so give it again It's difficult to repair. It's recommended that you use 704 silica gel and fish bead universal glue, and pay attention to the dosage strictly.
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