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DC power socket installation and internal contact introduction

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When the DC power socket is in the internal contact, what needs to be installed? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
The internal contacts of DC power socket are all manually welded, and acid flux is often used, which is easy to cause open circuit or leakage between live wire and zero wire due to oxidation of solder joints in future use. Because of the manual welding and the poor elasticity of the phosphor copper sheet, it is easy to lose its elasticity in a short time, resulting in a large contact resistance due to poor contact with the power socket of the host or the display. In a long time of operation, a large amount of heat will be generated, resulting in virtual connection, which will be manifested as the restart of the host or the flashing black screen of the display.
Another possibility is the wall power socket used in our home. Most of the wall sockets are not installed by professionals, so the wiring inside the DC power socket is very nonstandard, especially if we often use high-power heaters, it is easy to cause internal heat oxidation and virtual connection, forming intermittent power failure, causing computer restart or display. Blinking phenomenon.
① don't try to save money and buy cheap but not good quality power strips, buy some famous brand power strips, because the internal parts are automatically installed and crimped by the machine, without manual welding.
② for the problem of virtual connection inside the wall socket, we can try to change the host to a wall socket to see if there is the same problem of automatic restart.
The above is about the installation and internal contact of DC power socket.
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