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What should be paid attention to when connecting DC socket

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What problems should be paid attention to when DC socket is connected? For specific details, we will give you a detailed introduction below.
Dongguan DC socket connection method
1. First, use a test pencil to find out the front;
2. Turn off the socket power;
3. Connect one a symbol in the two holes of the front access switch, and then connect a 2.5mm2 insulated wire from the other hole to the L hole in the three holes of the lower socket to connect firmly;
4. Find out that the neutral wire is directly connected to the N hole in the 3 holes of the socket and firmly connected;
5. Find out that the ground wire is directly connected to the e hole in the socket and firmly connected.
Note: the zero and ground wires shall not be connected wrongly (usually they are connected to the left zero and right fire of the socket, otherwise, when the electrical equipment is plugged in, it will trip as soon as it is opened.
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