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What should be paid attention to when purchasing headphone socket

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What should we pay attention to when we buy headphone socket? We'll give you a detailed introduction below.
To purchase headphone socket, please refer to the following tips
I. raw materials
Good sockets are made of PC raw materials. When selecting, it is better to be able to do the next incineration treatment laboratory for its key components. PC raw materials have the characteristics of impermeability, temperature resistance, flame-retardant grade, strong impact resistance, and have very good resistance to UV light, and are not easy to fade in long-term application.
Two. Appearance
The surface of the socket with high cost performance shall be flat, smooth, smooth, with fine raw materials and excellent color. It shall be milky white with porcelain, without small black spots, shrinkage, air marks, vibration marks and other problems.
Three. Touch
It can be measured to see the weight. The weight of commonly used shell insulation material, high-quality contact point and current carrying material T2 copper sheet is heavier. Good socket tension spring is hard, soft and moderate, with good ductility. The switch between opening and closing is more powerful. The tactile sense of rotation is light but not tight. Good switches usually have a hard tension spring. They have a sense of force when switching, while poor switches are very soft. If it is too soft, it will be ABS material, so that the switch rocker often stops in the central direction.
Four, structure
As for the socket, the first thing to consider is its safety factor. The safety maintenance door of the socket is indispensable. When you select the socket, you should try to select the goods containing the maintenance door. Secondly, to check the tightening level of the socket clip, the stability of the insertion force is a primary condition, and the socket can not be inserted with one foot. That reasonably reduces the non-human error of turning off the power source. In addition, the socket clip is made of high-quality tin phosphor bronze, which has excellent electrical conductivity, strong visual fatigue alleviation, and ensures that the socket can be inserted 10000 times (5000 times according to the national standard).
V. safety verification
The switches and sockets up to the standard are the products to be verified according to the standard of China Quality System Certification Center. When purchasing, please recognize the 3C mark on the products and implement the national standard number. Each socket switch base is printed with trademark logo, certificate of conformity and 3C certificate.
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