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What should be paid attention to in the operation and use of the switching switch

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When the switch is operated, what problems should be paid attention to and what matters should be paid attention to. Here we will give you a detailed introduction.
The method and precautions for the operation of the switch, especially if the transverse pressure type is overloaded, the riveting part will be damaged, which is the cause of the breakage of the switch. Therefore, during installation and operation, please be careful not to impose a load weight higher than the overload weight. Please press the plunger to set the switch in the direction of vertical movement. Pressing only one side of the plunger, or the oblique orifice, may result in reduced durability. No strong repetitive operation is allowed. If the plunger has been pressed under further pressure, excessive load weight may lead to the deformation of the circular panel spring, which becomes the cause of poor action. According to different needs, there are waterproof type and common type, switch connecting two lines, providing on-off control for electrical appliances, remembering, etc. The switch has the advantages of small contact spacing, short travel, small press power and quick on-off. Its moving contact speed and transmission surface are widely used. Such as: audio and video products, digital products, remote control, communication products, household appliances, security products, toys, computer products, fitness products, medical equipment, Zero marker keys and so on.
Firstly, the pin base material is the pin base material, and the pin base material of the light touch switch is brass or phosphorus copper (low grade is iron). In order to reduce the contact resistance, most of the pins are silver plated. SO2 gas in the air will be oxidized when silver meets, which will directly affect the solderability and contact resistance of the switch. Therefore, the high quality light touch switch should be done in many aspects, such as the silver plating thickness of the pin base material and the silver plating process. Good control in place, the order of silver plating in the sales market is as follows: operation method and precautions of toggle switch
Silver plating thickness: 0.3um or more (silver), 0.2um (thin silver), 0.1um (white)
Silver plating process: base material pre-plated nickel and silver, base material pre-plated copper and silver, base material direct silver plating
It is very important whether the protective agent treatment or the switch has the function of dust-proof and moisture-proof after silver plating on the base material. Otherwise, even if the silver plating treatment is better, the power switch will be oxidized.
Secondly, the key negative influence factor of conduction reliability is the structure of contact point. Because the function of touch switch is contact conduction between contact point and spring plate, the larger the contact surface is, the better the contact surface is. The contact surface is determined by structure. There are several kinds of structures in the sales market. The order of good and bad is as follows:
Bubble (crater type) "o contact", "grooved type" 2-point contact"and"flat bubble type"1-point contact
Thirdly, the service life and touch are determined by the cooperation between the stroke of the light touch switch and the spring blade. The less the stroke, the lighter the noise, the longer the service life. On the contrary, the service life of the light touch switch is determined by the stroke or sound under the fixed technological condition of the spring blade.
Another subjective factor determining the service life of spring blades is stamping technology. The stamping technology in Japan, China and Taiwan has been widely used in China for a long time. Therefore, under the condition of technological improvement, whether the standard of raw materials imported is reduced again, for example, the service life of 160gf spring blades in the sales market is mainly four kinds.
Fourth is the production process, after having spare parts, the final impact on quality is the assembly process. The assembly process depends on the management ability of the production enterprise, the meaning of quality and quality assurance ability of the staff and other factors. The final product quality of different guaranteed abilities is of course different. The assembly method of the sales market is man-made and equipment, and the assembly of equipment is low-cost, but the quality of the product is different. Low volume, increased cost of manual assembly, but also high quality.
Fifth, factory inspection, the way and project of factory inspection also affect the quality of the final touch switch, such as appearance, touch, conduction, resistor and other items are sampling inspection or full inspection, such as the non-conformity rate of some large factory standards is considered by ppm or zero defect, it is necessary to set sampling inspection or quality supervision procedures after the factory inspection set up full inspection.
But the switching switch also has its shortcomings. Frequent pressing will make metal shrapnel inelastic and ineffective in fatigue. Therefore, the buttons of most electrical appliances are directly replaced by conductive rubber or pot switch hardware bullets, such as computer keyboards, remote controllers and so on. On the foot connection of five-legged lightly touching switch: two pins are in a group, four pins are for soldering more firmly, and the fifth pin is for grounding wire.
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