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Introduction to Production Procedure of Light Touch Switch

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What is the production process of light touch switch? Do you want to know about it? Let's give you a detailed introduction.
Switches can be said to be one of the most important products in electronic components. They are widely used in almost every field, such as aerospace, military equipment, communications, computers, industrial automation, automobiles, household appliances and so on. In recent years, the largest demand in the switching market is light-touch switches, with a total demand exceeding billions or even more, which seems to be more. The fabrication of small lightly touched switches requires a lot of process processes, as well as the conscientious, responsible and detail-oriented working attitude of various workers of manufacturers. Here is a brief introduction of the production process of lightly touched switches.
The main processes of lightly touching switch are stamping-injection molding-cleaning-assembly-forming-inspection-warehouse packaging-delivery.
First of all, it must be ready for material preparation. Injection molding in production process includes injection moulding handle, base and cover plate. When assembling, reed should be put first, then yellow film, then black film, and finally cover the handle of cover plate. In assembling, four fixed pillars need to be riveted, and all parts of switch should be assembled after corresponding process treatment. In general, the processing technology of iron shell material is electroplated nickel or light touch process, so as to prevent oxidation. The plastic handle material of the switch, generally POM material, can effectively fire retardant, flame retardant and high temperature resistant requirements. The insulation base material of the switch, its processing technology is stamping, the contact chip material is phosphorus-copper, and the processing technology is electroplated silver.
In a word, the production of light touch switch requires a high production environment. Relatively speaking, the higher the dust-proof level, the more guaranteed the product quality.
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