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Dongguan touch switch parts materials

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Dongguan touch switch parts materials
 First, Dongguan touch switch panel:
 1, ABS: low-grade engineering plastics, easy to change color, low strength
2. PC material: strong impact resistance, heat resistance, high transparency
3. Electric jade powder: non-flammable, never discolored, never worn, strong thermochemical
Second, Dongguan touch switch current carrying parts (copper)
1. Brass: It is hard, slightly elastic, moderately conductive, bright yellow
2. Tin-phosphor bronze: hard, good elasticity, good electrical conductivity compared to brass, red and yellow
3. Red copper: slightly soft, flexible, high conductivity, purple
Third, Dongguan touch switch contacts
1. Sterling silver: low resistance, soft texture, low melting point, easy oxidation, easy to produce arc, burn out wires or switching elements, resulting in poor power.
2. Silver alloy: low resistance, abrasion resistance, high melting point, anti-oxidation, superior overall performance than pure silver
Fourth, Dongguan touch switch pull mouth
1. Self-lubricating type: Nylon, hard rubbing, self-lubricating, effectively reduce friction
2. Ordinary reinforced nylon: a long time with astringent phenomenon, the increase of friction force causes the silver dot to melt away, and the current carrying capacity decreases
 Fifth, Dongguan touch switch base
1. Imports of nylon touch switch to strengthen nylon: good insulation, strong rigidity, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, deformation at high temperatures, to ensure that the internal components will never fall off
2. Recycled PC material: weak impact resistance, weak heat resistance, easy to deform
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